3 reasons why I don’t publicly bash celebrities

I think most of you are like me and see the celebrity attacks as unnecessary and just mean. It is usually the few bad apples that misrepresent the human race on the Internet and make the rest of us look bad with their mean spirited comments. Despite being incubated from most of it, I still can’t escape from reading about another celebrity being criticized for their behavior, their acting, or their looks. While I am not against constructive criticism, I have an issue with mean public comments of celebrities, or anyone else for that matter. Below are my three main reasons why I don’t criticize them publicly:

  1. Celebrities have feelings, too. There is only so much a person can take of being bad mouthed publicly. Even if they did something stupid, most of the public lashing is just plain mean and is usually done under a fake name.
  2. Most of the news about the celebrities is deliberately manipulated and we usually don’t get the entire story. The bashers already declare the celebrities guilty before knowing the full story.
  3. I have better things to do like going to the gym, or writing on my blog, or making an espresso, or helping out a friend, or visiting a museum, or learning a language, or, gasp, giving a compliment.

3 thoughts on “3 reasons why I don’t publicly bash celebrities

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