Bah Humbug!

Yesterday, I had a Scrooge moment, I was Scrooge. At least I was made to feel that way at my local Home Goods store. I was doing some minor interior design updates in my house and was in a fairly good mood until I walked inside the store and the first thing I heard was the cashier making a congratulatory announcement over the intercom that “Carol just made a donation to [insert charity name], and we thank you for it. You are awesome, Carol!” This immediately annoyed me. Did we really need to make a public announcement for someone being guilt-tripped into making a donation? In the short amount of time that I was there, I heard about five more such announcements. My annoyance continued to increase, especially since everyone around me was rushing and seemed on edge. If I had to guess, they were on edge for the same reason as I. I was close enough to the registers to hear one of the cashiers ask her next victim, “Would you like to make a donation to [insert charity name]. Even a dollar will help.” She almost sounded like she was begging, so how can you say no. So on went the next public announcement for that $1 contribution. Finally, it was my turn. “Would you like to don-” “No.” I interrupted curtly. She pretended she didn’t hear me, so she repeated the question again. And again, I said no.  I wasn’t usually like this, typically I was smiling and saying hello to people and I was privately a generous donor, but when I was made to be guilt tripped at a store, where I needed to buy things, into giving away even $1, I will almost always say no. Bah humbug!


9 thoughts on “Bah Humbug!

      1. You and me both. I ordered most of my stuff this year in order to avoid these crazy crowds. Other then the typical outings for pageants, and performances, I’m staying right inside my little writing nook.


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