How I turned my mistake into a pleasant convenience

Did you know hair mousse was invented by mistake? And who didn’t have mousse in their bathroom at one point in their life?! But I digress: I worked from home today because I had the flu. I got an extra laptop cord at my work’s recycling bin so I could leave one at my cube and keep one in my bag for home. This morning I discovered that my “new” cord was broken and my laptop’s battery was dead since I didn’t use it for over a week because I was away on vacation. Fortunately, I could complete the majority of my assignments through my work email which I had a nice app for on my smartphone. However, I had to expense my corporate bills and trying to do it through my phone email was not working. Since today was the last day that I could expense them for November, I was about to get ready to drive to the office just to finish this task, because I really didn’t like being on any corporate bad lists. Right before I closed the unresponsive link to the report I noticed that it recommended an expense app. So I tried it and it worked! Expensing on the app was so much easier than on my laptop. My mistake of not checking my new cord helped me discover a new technology convenience. I had many other examples like these and I bet many of you did, too. With the extra time that I gained, I wrote about my mistake and made myself a latte.


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