Don’t give up, ask first

This morning I overslept for my hair appointment. I was in some serious need of a haircut and rescheduling was going to be a pain. I woke up right at the time of my appointment. So I called, and instead of saying that I needed to reschedule I told them I overslept and asked if I could come in 15 minutes. Instead of saying no, the receptionist said yes. I was really surprised that I could still make it, because my hairstylist was usually booked back to back. Wow, all I had to do was ask to have my hair look nice again.  I thought of the times in life when I didn’t ask for things and immediately gave up and as a result missed out on good things (side note: each time I say “good things” I think of Martha Stewart). I usually didn’t like to ask for more because I didn’t like to inconvenience others or because I was afraid of being rejected. But by asking, I benefited both myself and the hairstylist. My hair looked nice again and she made more money. So the lesson for me and for others like me was to be more brave and ask.  Who knows what good thing might happen? I mean heck, we might just look nicer for church in the morning.


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