May I have butter with my coffee?

I am a self-identified health nut. It has all stemmed from being chronically sick for many years due to the food I ate. So after changing my diet to organic and gluten free options, I have noticed more and more health benefits of eating certain types of food. My mom is the same way and has introduced me to bulletproof coffee, where you put grassfed butter or coconut oil in your coffee. “Ew, gross, I’m never going to try that, Mom.” One week later I try it and love it. Except, I use the butter and cinnamon in my espresso. When I’m at a coffee shop, after ordering an espresso I ask for a side of butter. “You want what?” ask the shocked baristas. My friends react the same way so I look a little weird. All the ones who say it sounds gross have never actually tried it, those who have tried their coffee with butter absolutely love it. I am converting one barista and one friend at a time. My favorite recent moment has been at the coffee shop near my office: I say, “This may sound weird, but may I please have a side of butter, also?” Barista responds with a knowning smile, “Not weird at all, I’ve had this request before.” I’m not alone!


4 thoughts on “May I have butter with my coffee?

    1. Sheesh, lol. Sorry to hear you got sick. How much butter did you put in the coffee? You’re supposed to put in a very small amount (half a teaspoon) in a mug, where you don’t taste the butter, it should only make the coffee taste smoother and a little less bitter.


      1. I used about that much. My friend uses tablespoons. It grosses me out just thinking about it.

        I take my coffee black now and eat a small handful of raw almonds with it each morning. Perfect.


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